Invite Someone to
Church Online

When we invite people to church, lives can be changed. We don’t invite people to church so we can grow our church, we invite them to church because we want them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to do everything we can to remove unnecessary barriers that can keep people from finding their way back to God.
In this particular season, invite someone to "church online" is much less of an ask than asking the to show up somewhere in person. This next week, invite someone to church online with you!
Remember what Jesus said: “Come and see.”


Sometimes all it takes is a simple invitation to build a meaningful relationship and jumpstart someone’s spiritual journey.

Here are a few tips to invite someone to church this week:
- Text a friend and invite them to the next online gathering.
- Share a social media post from @heritagechurchgj
- Share the livestream on your social media