Preparing for Worship

#1 → Pray:
-- Pray for your family
-- Pray for your neighbors
-- Pray for your city
-- Pray for your nation
#2 → Prepare for Worship
-- Read a Psalm 
#3 → Prepare your kids
If you have kids, here is a resource to prepare and include them in the worship service:

Get to the Online Gathering

#1 → Get the live stream open in your preferred format
-- Here on the website
-- App
#2 → Invite someone to join you! When we invite people to church, lives can be changed. We don’t invite people to church so we can grow our church, we invite them to church because we want them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Respond in Worship

Here’s how you can respond in worship from home as a family:
One of the most practical ways you can help is by remembering to support Heritage Church financially during this time. We encourage you to be an online giver.
 Remember to pray for each other during this time. Email prayer requests/needs to [email protected]